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One of my favorite things to do: Watch James Harrison Destroy people

Over the past 10 years, it has been an absolute joy watching James Harrison of the Pittsburgh Steelers absolutely destroy people. Devastating player he is. I’ve seen him hit people so hard that they almost died, literally, You gotta love that in a linebacker. I’ve seen him in person PLENTY of times, and I couldn’t believe he wasn’t drafted out of college and was cut by multiple teams. He ended up being the Defensive MVP in 08, and had a huge super bowl that year too. Here’s a quick clip below of his career highlights:

I mean take a look at the guy. He is one of my favorite players of all time because of his intensity. Look at how he pass rushes and just mauls offensive lineman getting to the QB. Look at his finesse with the interceptions.

Those are just a few reasons why watching James Harrison play football is one of my favorite things to do around Pittsburgh!

I couldn’t tell you how many times we’ve played the drinking Game ” Drink when James Harrison Lays somebody out” and taken 5 shots in the course of a football game. Absurd.


We were all pretty sad when James Harrison, AKA DEEBO (after the fictional character in the Movies – Friday) retired. Fortunately he came out of retirement last season and had an incredible year, leading the Steelers to the playoffs. You have to wonder if this way his last year or not, but who knows with him. I mean the guy bench presses over 500 pounds still. And he’s ANGRY! All the time! And no one knows why! Other than he might be a little loose in the old noggin, which is fine for football fans like me! lol

James, thank you for making football incredibility exciting to watch every Sunday afternoon in the fall for the past 10 years! We appreciate you, and hope you appreciate us writing this article on you as one of our favorite things to do in the ‘burgh.

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