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Best Natural and Health Food Stores in Pittsburgh (always a fun time!)

If you guys enjoy eating healthy food as much as I do, you’ll enjoy this list of awesome places for health food/ natural foods in the Pittsburgh area.

health food
health food
  1. East End Co-Op

The east end Co Op is a natural health food store in Pittsburgh. They have an amazing selection of natural foods, including a nice deli with all kinds of grass fed meats and cheeses, a salad bar and more organic foods than you an imagine. Even my dad goes there on his days off and shops there, and hes the son of a steelworker with no nutritional background or really any interest in healthy food. The people there are hip, chic, and extremely nice and also very knowledgeable.  Plus it’s locally owned so I give it 5 Starts and 2 thumbs up!

2. Whole Foods

Whole foods is the granddaddy of all health food stores, so they say. Located in almost every big city in the country, you can’t go wrong with shopping for health foods in Pittsburgh at whole foods. The only downside is the expense, which is why some people call it “whole paycheck” lol. That being said, their food selection is second to none. They have health drinks of all sorts (alot of things I’ve never even heard of but like to try 1 new thing a week), they have flowers, a full service deli with sandwiches, pizza, meat, cheese, just about everything you can image). They have an awesome selection of sushi ( LOVE ME some sushi!)  and their supplement section is absolutely gigantic. There is a great natural foods and healing vibe at the whole foods in Pittsburgh, which is why I’m a frequent shopper there.

3. Trader Joes

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NEW LOCATION IN PENN HILLS! Trader Joes might be my favorite health food store of all time, in Pittsburgh or anywhere else. They have by far the best prices on a lot of items (because they cut out the middle man on so many things), and their people are absolutely fantastically nice and generous. You can’t leave trader joes without a smile on your face. Some of my favorites are their salsa, jumbo eggs, frozen pizza and organic chicken. I also love the daily sample that I get there, and I frequently stop in for Lunch for a wrap or a salad! Gotta love me some trader joes!

How about you? Do you have any favorite health food stores that you like to go to in The burgh? Let me know in the comments section below.

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