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Deebo is coming back.

james harrison

I can’t tell you how fired up I am the James Harrison is coming back for another season. When I saw that on the news and on his Instagram account, which I am a avid follower, I was so so fired up..
Now there’s even more reason to go watch the Steelers every Sunday in the fall.
And here’s the top 4 reasons why you should go see James Harrison for what could be his last season (and here’s the other article we wrote about this beastly man. Click here to read it)

#1: The BEASTLY hits

 James Harrison is the hardest hitting player in the last 20 years, but possibly of all time. Seriously, just take a look at these highlights below:

The man is nothing short of amazing. I mean seriously. Look at how hard he just destroys people. Alwasys playing pissed off football. Gotta love it!!

#2: it could be James Harrison’s last hurrah

James Harrison has been a force for the past almost 15 seasons. If you really want to catch greatness this upcoming fall, you have to see James Harrison play least once. The guys turning 38 years old and is still extremely productive off the field plus she’s an unbelievable leader for the young guys.

#3: You might see him body slam a fan again.

Back in the day when a fan ran onto the field James Harrison pick them up and bodyslammed him onto the ground. I definitely would not want to be that guy. It looks like he snapped his neck back but hey if you’re going to be on the field and messed around like that I guess you’re willing to pay the price of having one the most Beasley man ever to live totally jack you up..

#4 He might break the sack record

James Harrison is only a few sacks shy of the all-time leader for the Pittsburgh Steelers Sacret heard. It would be amazing to see such an amazing player at an older age break the record especially considering he was undrafted out of Kent state, and didn’t even make the team multiple times and didn’t even get in the game until Joey Porter you got hurt one game I believe it was against Cleveland. Pretty crazy considering he was the NFL defensive player of the year in 2008, and he was a Super Bowl MVP back when he returned and reception 100 yards right before halftime against the Colts. Simply simply amazing.
All right folks that’s my reasons for why I’m excited that James Harrison is coming back for another season, do you guys have any reasons why you’re excited? Who else are you looking forward to seeing play this year? Feel free to sound off in the comments, peace!
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There are some incredible places to work out here in the Burgh

. I’ll let you know of the best places I can think of, both indoor and outdoor.

Best outdoor places:

1. Down by the rivers

One of the best places to workout is down by the fountains where the three rivers meet- the Monongahela, Allegheny, and Ohio Rivers. You can do pushups, dips, squats and any kind of bodyweight exercise there, or bring your own equipment for a nice kettlebell or dumbbell workout.

2. Running along the South Side

Yes, it can be crowded there sometimes, but there’s something about the South Side that I just cant get enough of. Maybe its the friendliness of the people, or maybe how many quint little shops there are, but I absolutely love running through the South Side any time of Day or Night Continue Reading

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Over the past 10 years, it has been an absolute joy watching James Harrison of the Pittsburgh Steelers absolutely destroy people. Devastating player he is. I’ve seen him hit people so hard that they almost died, literally, You gotta love that in a linebacker. I’ve seen him in person PLENTY of times, and I couldn’t believe he wasn’t drafted out of college and was cut by multiple teams. He ended up being the Defensive MVP in 08, and had a huge super bowl that year too. Here’s a quick clip below of his career highlights:

I mean take a look at the guy. He is one of my favorite players of all time because of his intensity. Look at how he pass rushes and just mauls offensive lineman getting to the QB. Look at his finesse with the interceptions.

Those are just a few reasons why watching James Harrison play football is one of my favorite things to do around Pittsburgh!

I couldn’t tell you how many times we’ve played the drinking Game ” Drink when James Harrison Lays somebody out” and taken 5 shots in the course of a football game. Absurd.


We were all pretty sad when James Harrison, AKA DEEBO (after the fictional character in the Movies – Friday) retired. Fortunately he came out of retirement last season and had an incredible year, leading the Steelers to the playoffs. You have to wonder if this way his last year or not, but who knows with him. I mean the guy bench presses over 500 pounds still. And he’s ANGRY! All the time! And no one knows why! Other than he might be a little loose in the old noggin, which is fine for football fans like me! lol

James, thank you for making football incredibility exciting to watch every Sunday afternoon in the fall for the past 10 years! We appreciate you, and hope you appreciate us writing this article on you as one of our favorite things to do in the ‘burgh.

If you’re not so much into watching grown men smash their bodies into each other, there’s tons more to do in Pittsburgh. Check out our other two articles below: